Monday, March 1, 2010

Virginia General Assembly: Updates on the Rob Bell Budget Amendment and Other Items

The 2010 session of the General Assembly adjourns on March 13.

SO, if you want to watch your legislators in action, it's time to turn off the computer and get moving towards Richmond -- you've only got a couple of weeks left!

Here is the latest on some of the legislation that we've been tracking:
  1. The bill to abolish adverse possession (our post is here) has been continued to the 2011 session and referred to the Virginia Bar Association for comment.

  2. In the House of Delegates, a subcommittee recommended tabling the bill to prohibit homeowners' associations from completely banning the use of clotheslines (our post is here). This means that the odds of the bill passing are very low.

  3. Delegate Rob Bell's proposal for adjusting the composite index to reflect payments under the revenue-sharing agreement from Albemarle to Charlottesville was included in the budget bill approved by the House of Delegates. Bell's amendment was included in the "Unified Amendment," the full text of which you can read here. The Daily Progress reported on February 25 (here) that County and City leaders have announced an April 24 meeting to discuss funding issues and "future collaborative efforts."

  4. After passing the Senate, the controversial bill to raise court fees (our post is here) has been referred to the House's Courts of Justice Committee.

  5. Just today, the House Finance Committee has tabled Senator Hanger's bill to expand the reach of the sales tax to online transactions (our post is here).