Monday, March 4, 2013

Albemarle County's "Life After High School" Conference

On Saturday, Albemarle County's Commonwealth's Attorney Denise Lunsford and I spoke at Albemarle County's "Life After High School" conference for students with special needs.  The conference was held at CATEC.  The turnout this year was great.

Denise and I led a discussion about the legal rights and responsibilities of adulthood.  As the basis for our presentation, we used the Virginia State Bar's resource, So You're 18: A Handbook on Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities.

You can download a free copy of So You're 18, here.  This is an excellent book, and I enjoyed reading through it again while preparing for the conference. The book summarizes various legal issues including employment, contracts, jury duty, and criminal charges. It focuses on how a person's rights and duties change when he or she turns 18-years old.


The "Life After High School" conference included a series of presentations related to completing high school and then transitioning into adulthood.  Other sessions included "Transition from Pediatric to Adult Medicine", "Employer Expectations", and "Alternatives to Guardianship." My sense was that parents and students alike found the presentations informative and valuable.