Thursday, March 26, 2009

The People of Richmond & Fishburne: Terri Jordan

Terri Jordan has been a member of Richmond & Fishburne's trusts and estates, business, and litigation teams since 2005.

Prior to joining us, Terri worked as a teacher's aide at Yancey Elementary School and, before that, in the trusts and estates department at Wachovia Bank.

Away from the office, Terri is passionate about her cross-stitching. Currently she's working on a series of baby quilts. She's also accumulated an impressive collection of thimbles over the years -- we all know to pick up a thimble for her when we travel.

Terri is the proud mother of four and stepmother of two, and she's the particularly joyful grandmother of three -- with one more on the way this spring! She and her husband Lewis love spending time with their kids and grandkids.

During the work day, Terri enjoys teasing Walker about the superiority of Eli Manning and the Giants to his beloved Redskins (she is still trying to get over her sadness at Tiki Barber's retirement). She says that she is looking forward to the day when Peyton and Eli face off against each other in the Super Bowl (although she can't decide who she would root for!!).

Terri brings a terrific attitude and diligent commitment to her work each day, and Richmond & Fishburne is thrilled to have her on board.