Monday, August 24, 2009

A New Partnership Between The Daily Progress and Charlottesville Tomorrow

The Daily Progress reported yesterday (here) that the newspaper is partnering with Charlottesville Tomorrow for the Progress to publish CT articles.

The Progress's Managing Editor, McGregor McCance, explains the thinking behind the partnership:

McCance said the newspaper’s readers will benefit by having more local content about [land use, growth and related issues], which complements coverage provided by the paper’s reporters and editors.

“In the media business and all businesses, I think companies are looking for strong partners to help both sides get better,” he said. “After four years of reading their content, we know it’s accurate, fair and balanced.”

This is a great move by both organizations. Charlottesville Tomorrow's accounts of planning commission meetings, Council meetings, etc. -- and their background summaries of issues -- are top-notch, and this gives them a much wider audience. From the Progress's standpoint, they get the benefit of CT's work and analysis and it will definitely improve the depth of coverage.
In an article in this morning's Progress (here), Brandon Shulleeta reports that ASAP has issued its population analysis and determined that a Charlottesville/Albemarle combined population of 217,000 is the "tipping point" at which natural ecosystems would suffer. The current population of the combined areas is approximately 140,000.

Shulleeta reports that Neil Williamson (of the Free Enterprise Forum), among others, is complaining that ASAP's report was funded in part by a $25,000 grant from the County and $11,000 grant from the City.