Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An Earthquake in Central Virginia

Yesterday afternoon I was reviewing a deed when the earthquake hit.

It was a surreal 30 seconds ... there was a loud rumbling, and Queen Charlotte Square was definitely shaking, yet it came as such a surprise that it took me at least 10-15 seconds to realize this was more than just a low-flying airplane or a bulldozer on High Street.

Marcelle, Pat and I quickly evacuated the building, along with colleagues from other offices. We were hapy to learn that no one was hurt, although news reports this morning show some relatively serious property damage in Louisa County and surrounding areas.


The New York Times has front page coverage (here) from Mineral.  I knew almost nothing about Mineral prior to yesterday, and I was particularly surprised to learn that in the late 19th century there were fifteen gold mines in the town's immediate vicinity.

The courthouse in Louisa is one of my favorites, and the next time I'm there I will have to take a drive down the road to Mineral.

The Louisa County Courthouse